Fort Hero Veterans Barracks' building exterior is getting a makeover thanks to the generosity of Home Depot and Behr Paint Corporation.

Volunteers went out to the building on Friday to begin painting. Home Depot Store Manager Jeff Woods said that it would likely be a month long project.

“We got a great bunch of associates and employees out here,” Woods said. “Employees actually came out on their days off to do this.”

The exterior of the building is being painted desert camel, which is a yellowish tan color, with white trim. Volunteers are also painting new parking lines over the old ones.

“Everyday we work like this, we're accomplishing a lot,” Project Manager and Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association President Assistant Roy Cook said. “Home Depot and Behr Paint have helped us a lot. Each time we work, we accomplish a whole lot more than we expect to accomplish. We're hoping to be able to open in January.”

“Our main objective is to get this building ready for the veterans by the time winter comes,” Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association President Al Sanders said. “We want to house as many veterans as we can.”

According to Sanders, they are still looking for a commercial electrician to help with the electrical wiring, someone to help them do the floors and someone to assist with a few minor repairs. They also want to look into putting in a water sprinkler system. They do have an engineer working with them already, and they have gotten an alarm system.

“This building will do more than service veterans, it will service the community,” Sanders said.

For more information about the project or how to volunteer, contact Sanders at 557.4767.