Two hundred and twenty-five people attended the Mayor's Annual Prayer Breakfast at the Bastrop Municipal Center on Thursday. The event served as an opportunity for community leaders and citizens to join together to support the city and parish.

Numerous area leaders spoke at the breakfast, lead prayer or read scripture to the audience.

"I want to take the time to thank you for acknowledging the importance of prayer for our leaders, for our community," Shirley Stewart, Administrative Assistant for the mayor, said. "We cannot go forward without change, guidance. We thank you for your ministries, for your good works, for the work you do for justice, dignity and inclusion, for the ministries you attend to and help maintain throughout our community each and every day to help the less fortunate and to educate our children."

Dr. George Noflin, Superintendent for the Morehouse Parish Schools, also addressed the audience and wished mothers a happy early Mother's Day before discussing the responsibility public officials have to the people they serve.

"The people here in Morehouse Parish are depending on us," Noflin said, "so we need to make sure we don't let them down."

The main speaker for the event was Dr. Reginald A. Williams, surgeon with Morehouse General Hospital. Williams spoke to the audience about his journey to becoming a general, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon and also talked about the importance of being a living testimony.

"I don't speak death; I speak life," Williams said. "Every time I have the opportunity to counsel patients, I speak them up, not down...We don't realize the power we have with our tongue. There is life and death in the tongue."

"Don't limit yourself by your experience. God is bigger than what you see. I try to be a living testimony in all that I do...I tell you my charge is to serve you and to serve Morehouse Parish."