The stately Oak Ridge School sets empty yet waiting for the perfect person to finish the refurbishment started by Clark M. Williams Sr.

The Neo-Classical revival building was completed in 1925 and graduated its first class in 1926. It operated as a school until school consolidation forced closure in 1969. The building was then used as agricultural storage before facing many years disuse and deterioration. In the 1990's, Williams, who was an alumni of the school and founder of CenturyLink, purchased the property and began an extensive remodel with the hope of turning it into office space. Much of the renovation was completed prior to Williams' death in 2002.

Williams was able to oversee many of the most costly aspects of the renovation including roof and windows replacement and repointed exterior brickwork. A new elevator was installed as well as a sprinkler system. Also, Asbestos removal and anti-mould treatment of wood have been completed and the AC system is largely complete.

Despite the substantial sums already spent on the structure, the Williams Family has agreed to donate the building for economic development. The building now sits ready to be completed for a particular tenant with the addition of wiring, plumbing and interior finishes. If a suitable tenant can be found, they can obtain the structure at no cost on the conditions that the remodel was completed jobs were created for the community.

The central block of the building is 95 x 65 feet. There are roughly 22,000 square feet on four levels; a basement, two main floors and attic space. The basement, first and second floors are designed to be completed as open plan flex space. The attic space is divided into work stations between the massive roof beams. The first floor includes a large two story assembly space and stage. One hundred sixty windows create an interior flooded with natural light. Basement ramping and an elevator make the entire space barrier free.

If no use can be found, the grand building faces demolition in the near future.

For more information, contact Joe C. Rolfe, at P.O. Box 146, Oak Ridge, La. 71264; by email at or cell at 318.758.1758