Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not third graders at Cherry Ridge Elementary. On Friday, April 25, the students helped round up the menacing canine and bring him to justice for filching sugar from the school’s supplies.

Cafeteria manager Cleo Jackson took the shortage of sweetener very seriously and called in the Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s office to bring the “suspect” to justice.

But was he guilty?

That was the question the third grade, under the instruction of teachers Karmen Murry, Amy Nason and Letha Heckford, has been trying to answer during class.

“We started with the original story of the three little pigs, and then we told the students that that story was from the point-of-view of the pigs,” Murry said. “We got another three little pigs story [The True Story of the Three Little Pigs], and it was told from the version of the Wolf.”

“The Wolf didn’t mean to blow those houses down,” continued Murry. “He was sneezing, and the houses blew down. He was going to borrow a cup of sugar to bake his granny a birthday cake.”

After the students read about the story from both the pigs and the wolf’s point-of-view, they picked up their pencils to tell yet another version.  

“We had our students write the story of the three little pigs, and it could be anybody’s version,” Murry said, “It could be their own version. It could include a Goldilocks version of the story. They included all these different fairytale characters, and it was their version of what happened between the three little pigs and the wolf. Today is a culminating activity.”

While all the evidence was carefully weighed, students enjoyed a slice of the birthday cake the wolf made for his granny and kept a cautious eye on him until Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joshua Smith arrived on the scene.

Regardless of his motives, the wolf did steal the sugar and was taken into custody.

However, it seemed like the wolf, who appeared in the clothing of Dr. Kathy Adcock Fonte, Principal, would be back on the job at Cherry Ridge Elementary on Monday.