Through the Louisiana Library Connection, the Morehouse Parish Library System provides access to numerous online databases focused on delivering content and learning opportunities to the full range of library patrons.

“Our databases are valuable tools for students, parents and anyone who wants to research, learn a language or brush up on skills.” Ellen Highsmith, Morehouse Parish Library Director, said.

One of the online resources, Mango Languages, focuses on helping individuals learn a new language by structuring instructional sentences around real-life situations and potential conversations a person would encounter when traveling abroad or conversing with a native-speaker.

In addition to popular foreign language programs like Spanish, French and German, Mango Languages offers courses in Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Tagalog and 50other languages. The program also provides non-English speakers with an opportunity to develop English language skills.

Each Mango course is broken down into several dozen lessons that are organized into larger chapters or units for students.

Users see and hear each word or phrase spoken multiple times within the lesson and also practice using it within a complete sentence.

“As many of you know, language courses can be very expensive. But you have '57 varieties' at your fingertips through your local library,” Highsmith said, “This is a great free database brought to us by the state library databases. Morehouse Parish would not be able to afford a program like Mango Languages. We thank the state library for allowing us access to such an educational program.”

To access Mango, library users need to click on the La. State Library Connection link at and enter their library card number when prompted. Mango appears in the list of databases available for access. An individual log-in and password must be created by each user.

This log-in information allows users to track personal progress within the program and move fluidly between desktop and mobile usage of Mango, which also is available as an app download from the Apple App Store and as an Android app on Google Play.