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  • Beekman tax meeting set

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  • A Beekman community meeting is slated for 6 p.m. tonight at Beekman Charter School to discuss a May special election in which a proposed 10 mill property tax will be voted on.
    If passed, the tax, which is for Consolidated School District 12 only, will be for 35 years and funds collected used for acquiring, constructing, improving and maintaining or equipping public elementary and secondary schools in the district. It will replace a 5 mills tax already in place for the District.
    In essence, a mill is one tenth of a penny. If the property owner claims homestead exemption, the first $75,000 is not taxed. For example, on property valued at $85,000 with homestead exemption, $10,000 is taxable. But, that $10,000 is market value and taxes are calculated on assessed value, which is 10 percent of market value, bringing the taxable amount to $1,000. That amounts is then taxed on the calculation of $1,000 x .010 = $10 per every $1,000.
    On property valued at $150,000 with homestead exemption, the calculation would be $7,500 x .010 = $75.
    There are four precincts which will vote on this tax. They are Precinct 41, with a total of seven registered voters; Precinct 42, with a total of 506 registered voters; Precinct 43, with a total of 55 registered voters and Precinct 44, with a total of 234 registered voters.
    The District was formed in May 1914 to create Beekman School and there have been numerous property taxes levied throughout the past 100 years which have been used for various building and maintenance projects the school would have not been able to have such as:
    1949 - Cafeteria
    1966 - Construction of the principal’s house
    1970 - Three elementary classrooms
    1976 - Tarver Gymnasium
    1977 to 1979 - Main building, eight classrooms, little gym
    2001 - Replacement of most carpet and furnishing
    2005 - Two elementary classrooms
    2007 - General renovation of facility and expansion of the cafeteria
    2013 - Three classrooms
    2014 - Six elementary classrooms and a weight room
    According to construction plans, the tax will be used to build 18 classrooms and a secondary cafeteria to house the high school students and replace the rental facilities in front of the school.
    There is also a plan to build a road that will cut through behind the school and connect A.M. Baker Road and Lum Day Road.
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