At Thursday's city council meeting, it was voted to change the legal name of the public roadway known as South Alvin Street to Fort Hero Street.

“They are putting a home for homeless veterans on that street,” Mayor Arthur Jones said. “This renaming would serve as a memorial to our veterans.”

A resolution was passed to allow the city of Bastrop to go ahead with an application for a loan from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality for money from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program to fund improvements to the city's sewer system.

The loan is not to exceed $1,700,000, and the ordinance also includes hiring professionals for the loan application, which will be made to the Louisiana State Bond Commission for approval of the loan.

An ordinance was also introduced that, if passed, would provide for a new schedule of sewer rates. The new sewer rates would add $8.40 a year. The ordinance will be voted on at a later meeting.

The council voted to authorize the mayor on behalf of the city to enter into a contract with Denmon Engineering Inc.

“Every year, we have to select a new engineering service and its that time of year again,” Airport Manager Brent Elton said. “We used a state worksheet with Denmon Engineering scoring the highest.”

Denmon will provide professional engineering services for master agreement for runway safety area work and runway lighting improvements, runway rehabilitation, t-hanger upgrade and apron rehabilitation grants at the Morehouse Memorial Airport.

There was discussion by the council about the idea of purchasing the property adjacent to Christ Church Cemetery.

“A gentleman who came to pay his taxes was representing a woman who lives up north in Washington, I believe,” City Clerk Sandra Goleman said. “She lives way off and has no interest in doing anything with the property. They thought we might be interested. It's been estimated that about 1,600 burial plots would fit onto that land. If this is something [the council] is interested in then the mayor would just need permission to discuss with them a reasonable price.”

Jones went into further detail about the property's exact location which is on the west side of the street along North Avenue right next to Christ Church Cemetery. Alderman Robert Shaw made the motion for the mayor to move forward with this. Alderman Marvin Moore seconded the motion. The motion passed with all for with the exemption of Alderman Obie Johnson who was absent.

The council voted to accept Chassidy White's bid of $1,650 for the surplus property located at 808 Boatner. Her bid was the only one the council received.

Bastrop Police Chief Downey Black recommended Club City Lights for a liquor license. The business already had a city and state beer license and they are asking to get a full liquor license from the city. The council voted to approve the request.