In the spirit of the season, Cherry Ridge Baptist Church is giving away painted wooden crosses for display in people's yards.

The crosses are part of the Crosses Outreach Ministries which aims to encourage people to showcase reminders of their faith. According to Interim Youth Leader Taylor Freeland, the crosses are symbols for a bigger purpose.

“It represents our faith and what we believe in,” Freeland said. “When people drive by and see them, it reminds them of Jesus and the cross. With this project, we hope to inspire everyone and show them the real purpose of Easter.”

The idea came from Youth Minister Jim Haynes who had seen similar outreach ministries in Arkansas. Freeland took the idea and helped to make it a reality. Church members make the crosses, paint them white and then give them away at no cost. So far, church members have created about 300 crosses. A note attached to each cross presented to members of the church reads:

“Please accept the gift of this cross from your friends at Cherry Ridge Baptist Church in hopes that you will display it in your yard as testimony of your faith in a risen Savior.”

Crosses on display in front of the church are for anyone who wants one.

“People can just stop at the church and take a cross, no other permission is needed,” Freeland said.

Freeland also said he hopes to see this ministry spread.

“We're not a competitive church,” Freeland said. “We'd love to see other churches do it.”