Sometimes rain doesn't bring flowers or turn the grass green. Sometimes it brings debris from other properties.

Such is the case at the home of Andrew and Linda Stribling, who live on the Nip Echols Road in Mer Rouge. During weekend rain storms, their yard became the new home for a large amount of corn stalks and cobs. Because their home is surrounded by corn fields, last year's crops floated over. The debris and water was so deep in the yard that the gas meter could not be seen, and they had to use waders to walk outside.

"Someone came and helped us get the debris from next to the house, which helped so much as we were worried that it would hold water and get inside," Linda Stribling said. "Andrew is blind, and there is no way I can clean this up by myself."

The couple have been in contact with both the state and parish highway departments regarding the removal of all the debris which ended up in the ditch. As it is a state right of way, that department is charged with cleaning them. The office has been contacted, but as of press time, no response had been received.

Dale Bishop, principal of Prairie View Academy heard about the situation and wanted to help the couple. She has arranged for the student-athletes to go to the home Friday morning and clean the yard.

"This is what our school does for those in need," Bishop said. "Anytime there is a situation where a friendly hand and a strong back are needed we, as a part of the community, are charged with helping them."