Delta Magnet School of Academic and Performing Arts held its Math and Literacy Night Thursday in the school's cafeteria.

The theme was “Fun with Edible Literacy and Math,” and some of the teachers and staff were present to help with different educational activities.

“Parents don't need graduate degrees to encourage their kids to read and do math at home,” Instructional Facilitator Wykiesha Robinson said. “But it is vital for children to see reading and math as keys to success in all of their academic subjects. Literacy and math education has changed drastically over the last years. What, how and why literacy and math are taught is now very different than many of us adults can recall in our own experiences. Yet, it is essential for parents to be partners and supporters in math and literacy teaching and learning.”

The goals of the program were outlined for parents in a handout. The main goal mentioned was to help demonstrate some of the ways reading and math could be supported at home.

Some of their other goals included:

reinforcing the importance of math and reading

helping to practice essential reading and math concepts

giving parents a chance to serve as models of motivation, persistence and competence

offering students and parents a chance to engage in activities together

demonstrating that using hands-on learning is a good thing

building a community by giving teachers, students and families a chance to work and learn together

The activities included a break the ice activity, math activities, reading activities and special treat time. Specifically a few of the activities included the M&M math with graphing activity, The Sunday Scoop ice cream activity and The Doorbell Rings multiplication activity. Towards the end of the night they also made a few announcements and spoke about evaluations.