Teachers advised to move to warmer classrooms

Freezing temperatures this week have been especially hard on some schools dealing with problems with their heating systems.

Delta Magnet's heat is only working in about half of the classrooms due to a problem with the pipes.

"What I think the principal intends to do is to work on moving students to warmer rooms," Superintendent Dr. George Noflin said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were no plans to cancel school. They are planning to have school tomorrow and the rest of the week and Noflin advises that parents make sure that students are dressed for the occasion. Noflin said he intends to bring up a request for necessary funds to repair the system at the school board meeting Jan. 7.

Bastrop High School was facing problems with its heat after students returned from Christmas break. During that time, students were simply advised to dress warmly. According to Principal Dr. David Nordman, most of the problems were fixed before this week's big freeze but, some rooms are still dealing with cooler temperatures due to technology glitches.

"We've given teachers in these rooms the option to move into rooms with more sufficient heat," Nordman said. "Rooms furtherest from the boiler are just taking longer to heat up. When the weather warms up a little bit, we'll be doing much better."