The former lead drug investigator in Morehouse Parish is due in court Monday on charges related to the disappearance of nearly $18,000 in cash seized as evidence. Chris Balsamo was arrested in November, charged with unauthorized use of a moveable following an investigation by Louisiana State Police. At the time of Balsamo’s arrest, Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs said it was discovered that $17,788 seized in two separate drug cases from 2011 had never been deposited into accounts maintained by the 4th District Attorney’s Office. When the discrepancy was discovered, Tubbs contacted Louisiana State Police and asked them to conduct an investigation. Court records filed in connection with the case indicate Investigator Scott Brown located witnesses who told them they had been approached by Balsamo, who asked to borrow money to repay the funds. When he spoke to Balsamo, Brown’s affidavit states he admitted to taking the money, which was repaid to the 4th District Attorney’s Office prior to Balsamo surrendering to deputies on Nov. 30. He was released after posting a $2,500 bond signed by Judge Scott Leehy. A 14-year veteran of the MPSO, Balsamo rose to the rank of lieutenant and served as commander of the Northeast Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau. He resigned just over two years ago when an audit that revealed less than $500 was missing from an account used by the NLDEB to purchase drugs in criminal investigations.