Not quite half way through the fiscal year, sales tax collections in Morehouse Parish are down slightly over taxes collected during the previous year.

Figures from the Morehouse Parish Sales Tax Commission show collections are down 1.88 percent through November, compared with figures from November 2012.

The Sales Tax Commission has a fiscal year that runs from July through June for the seven taxing authorities that levy 10 sales taxes in all or parts of the parish. Collectively, they have generated $6.67 million in revenue through November, compared with $6.95 million collected through November of last year.

Collections for the current fiscal year show the two agencies that collect the largest amount of sales tax revenue are a mixed bag of increases and decreases. For the year ending June 30, 2013, the Morehouse Parish School System and city of Bastrop collected $6.02 million and $4.79 million respectively.

From July 1 through Nov. 30, the School System had collected $2.57 million, a decrease of two percent over the previous year. The city of Bastrop collected $2.0 million through Nov. 30, an increase of four percent over the previous year.

State law limits 10 percent as the highest amount of sales tax revenue that can be collected within a taxing district. With four percent committed to state sales taxes, that leaves six cents on each dollar that local governing agencies can collect.

Within Morehouse Parish, only the city of Bastrop is at the maximum 10 percent. Tax rates for the other municipalities within the parish are:

Bonita – 9.5 percent;

Collinston – 9.5 percent;

Mer Rouge – 9.5 percent; and

Oak Ridge – 7.5 percent.

The city of Bastrop levies a 2.5 percent tax on every $1 purchase, while the villages of Bonita, Collinston and Mer Rouge have 2 percent local sales taxes. Oak Ridge collects no sales tax specifically for the village.

The School System has a 2 percent tax levied throughout the parish. The Morehouse Parish Police Jury and Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s office each collect one-half cent sales tax on any purchases made anywhere in the parish.

Areas outside the city of Bastrop and the other incorporated areas of the parish are taxed at a rate of 8 percent.