The Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Civil office as well as the front office will be closed Jan. 1. Sheriff Mike Tubbs confirmed Thursday that the Civil Office would be open Dec. 31 for those who need to pay taxes. But, he cautions that they will close at 4 p.m. and will reopen Jan. 2. "I know there are some who need to wait until Dec. 31 to pay these taxes, so the office will be open," Tubbs said. "For those that do not pay by the end of the day, they will begin accumulating penalties." The Morehouse Parish Courthouse, including the District Attorney's Office and the Clerk of Court's Office will be closed Dec. 31 as well as Jan. 1. The Morehouse Parish Police Jury Office will follow the same closure schedule and the Solid Waste Department will be closed Jan. 1. Beginning Wednesday, trash pick-up will be a day later than normal. Bastrop City Hall will be closed Jan 1. Bastrop City Court will be closed Dec. 31 and Jan. 1.