Most Morehouse Parish residents rarely see Kay King.

Some might run into her at a restaurant or the grocery store, but as chief executive officer of the Morehouse Economic Development Corp., King gets camera time usually only when major employers announce they are bringing jobs to the parish.

And that’s fine with King.

“Not many people know what’s going on in the background, and that’s OK. We are here still working on the last big announcement or the next thing in the pipeline,” King said, surrounded by records needed to compile year-end reports. “We’re working to secure the economic future of Morehouse Parish. A lot of these things take a long time.”

Her job is not seasonal. While some might think the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn’t prime time for companies look to relocate or expand, December has seen big news brought to Morehouse Parish in recent years. Last December, Drax Biomass of Great Britain announced its plans to build Morehouse BioEnergy near Beekman. In 2010, DG Foods of Hazlehurst, MS announced it was purchasing a building from International Paper and bringing a minimum of 300 jobs to the region.

“A lot of the time, people are looking at [this time of year] plans for the following year,” King said. “We are working now with companies who have plans for projects in the new year.”

Since working with MEDCO and Louisiana Economic Development, DG Foods general manager Bill Bryant has become an active member of the agency’s board of directors. Having been courted by King and state officials, Bryant brings a unique perspective to the board.

“I’m glad to share what I can about what businesses and industries are looking for,” Bryant said. “With our commitment to the community, we believe what’s good for Bastrop is only going to benefit us as well.”