Name: Bonnie Sisson Manning.

Town: Bastrop.

Birthday: July 1952.

Occupation: Administrative assistant at Law School in Calif.

Family: Sisson, Daniel and Harps. My parents, Albert Berton “Son” Sisson, the general manager of cotton gins and Alice Yeldell Sisson.

I drive a: Red convertible, Mazda Miata.

My favorite color is: Peacock blue.

The last book I read was: LBJ- Assassination of JFK.

My favorite author is: Michael Connelly and Lee Child.

My favorite comedian is: Cosby and Will Smith.

My current favorite song is: Soundtrack of Frozen.

The last concert I attended was: Elvis in Monroe.

My favorite actor/actress is: Robert Downey Jr.

My all-time favorite movie is: Operation Petticoat with Cary Grant and anything with Matthew McConaughey or Johnny Depp.

My favorite cartoon is: DreamWorks.

My favorite television show is: Modern Marvels.

My favorite food is: Everything that is bad for me.

My favorite dessert is: DQ hot fudge sundae.

I absolutely will not eat: Liver.

My favorite sport to watch is: Football.

My favorite item of clothing/accessory is: Compass pin.

My favorite vacation spot is: Any beach.

My pet peeve is: Bigots.

When I'm nervous I: Sleep.

You will never catch me wearing: Bikini (not at my age).

Three items you will never catch me without are: ID, medication (allergies), pictures of my grandchildren.

If I could travel anywhere, free of cost, I would go: Anywhere my grandchildren are.

If I've learned one thing in life, it's: Change is constant, learn as much as you can about everything.

The best advice I've ever been given is: The Lord's Prayer.

Quick Bio: I was born and raised in Mer Rouge. I've lived in California for the past 30 years and have come home to be near family. I work on Morehouse Parish family history and work on I hope to reconnect with old friends and find employment here. I'm one of the few people who admit that I've recently had a facelift- wonderful experience- if anyone has questions I'll tell them all about it.