Perhaps he was trying to get some real savings and beat the Black Friday crowds. Regardless of the reasoning, his actions landed him in jail on charges of theft filed by two area law enforcement agencies.

A Bonita man was jailed on charges by two area law enforcement agencies on charges of theft of goods from an area business.

Gary D. Douthit, 34, 15325 Clay Banks Road, was charged by both the Bastrop Police Department and Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office in connection with events that happened the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Reports filed in connection with the case allege that Douthit entered an area business and repeatedly left with items for which he had not paid. He was arrested on a charge of middle grade theft Friday by the Bastrop Police Department. A review of security footage by Lt. Libby Brixley with the Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office gave authorities a more accurate picture of the scope of Douthit’s thefts, and he was booked on felony theft Sunday. All of the items taken in the thefts were recovered.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs wants would be thieves to know law enforcement is out in force during the Christmas season.

“Some of our merchants pay off duty officers to come in and pose as shoppers,” Tubbs said. “We do all we can to protect the business owners.”