Name: Tamala Floyd.

Town: Bastrop.

Birthday: June 10.

Occupation: Psycho-therapist.

Family: Husband, Ernest Floyd. Two children at home, Meka and Matthew Floyd. Mother, Marva Collins-Bush. Grandmother, Doris Murphy.

I drive a: Toyota Sienna.

My favorite color is: Yellow.

The last book I read was: The Gift of Imperfection.

My favorite author is: Deepak Chopra.

My favorite comedian is: Bill Cosby.

My current favorite song is: Order My Steps.

The last concert I attended was: Long Beach Jazz Festival.

My all-time favorite movie is: Wizard of Oz.

My favorite cartoon is: Looney Tunes.

My favorite television show is: Gray's Anatomy.

My favorite food is: Thai food.

My favorite dessert is: Anything with chocolate.

I absolutely will not eat: Octopus.

My favorite sport to watch is: Track and field.

My favorite item of clothing/accessory is: Large earrings.

My favorite vacation spot is: Anyplace tropical.

My pet peeve is: Dishonesty.

When I'm nervous I: Say umm a lot.

You will never catch me wearing: Gouchos.

Three items you will never catch me without are: My cell phone, wedding ring, right mind.

If I could travel anywhere, free of cost, I would go: On a round the world cruise.

If I've learned one thing in life, it's: That we are all connected to one another.

The best advice I've ever been given is: All money isn't good money.