Each year, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol contribute to the deaths of men, women and children due to wrecks.

In Louisiana alone, the statistics for 2011 were 226 drunk driving deaths with numerous serious injuries accidents.

For the fourth consecutive year, Louisiana State Police Troop F will display a Christmas tree in the lobby of the troop building to serve as a remembrance for those who have lost their lives due to impaired driving. Families of victims are invited to come to Troop F located at 1240 LA Highway 594 in Monroe at 10 a.m. Dec. 3, to hang a picture of their loved one who had their life cut short by drunk driving. In addition, those who have been injured by a drunk driver are welcome to hang a picture on the tree as well.

"All too often, the dramatic impact drunk driving crashes have on the lives of those who survive but have been injured by these crashes is overlooked," Trooper Albert Paxton said. "This is a way to honor and remember all drunken driving victims during the holidays and serves as a reminder to everyone that drunk driving destroys lives."

The tree will remain on display in the lobby until early 2014. Those who are not able to make it on this date may come by Troop F any day from Dec. 3 until the end of the year to hang a picture. If pictures are not available, family members will be able to write the names of victims on ornaments provided by Troop F. Family members may also mail pictures to be hung to the following address:

Trooper Albert Paxton

Louisiana State Police

1240 LA Hwy 594

Monroe, La. 71203