A regular meeting of the mayor and board of alderpersons was held Thursday, Nov. 14 with a main topic of discussion being the extension of hours for establishments where alcohol may be consumed on the premises.

The ordinance, if passed, would accommodate these businesses to be open between the hours of 12 a.m. and 2 a.m. on Friday night which is really Saturday morning and Saturday night which is really Sunday morning. During those times, they would be required to have at least two security persons with P.O.S.T. certification.

"There are other ordinances that allow for these businesses to remain open on certain holidays such as new years," City Attorney Doug Lawrence said.

This ordinance will be voted on at the next meeting in Dec.

The board voted to approve previous minutes and the bills and claims for the month of October 2013.

Randy Beaver requested for Peoples Water Service Company to be granted a new franchise agreement. The company is getting a new filter system and, if all goes well, would be done by spring of 2014.

"This is an investment that will ensure quality water," Beaver said.

The current franchise agreement will expire in five years. With the new system being put in, Beavers wants to ensure other parties involved that they have an agreement that will parallel the life of the equipment. He asked the board to consider a 25 year franchise agreement. The mayor said that the board would confer with their attorney on the matter.

Airport manager Brent Elton asked that the board authorize the mayor on behalf of the city to enter into a contract with Denmon Engineering, Inc. The company would provide professional engineering services for the relocation of the existing wind-cone which is part of a state funded project through the Louisiana Department of Transportation. The motion passed.

The board also voted for resolutions authorizing the city through the mayor to apply to the Louisiana Community Development Program for a grant in order to make improvements to the city sewer system and for a grant through the Local Government Assistance Program to apply, execute and enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with the State of Louisiana for funds to purchase patrol cars and equipment.

A resolution rejecting acceptance, maintenance and legal responsibility for Leann Loop, Meredith Street and other roadways established in the Hillview Homes Housing Development was passed. The new subdivision streets were not built to the city's specifications and the board agrees the city is not responsible for them. A resolution to reject acceptance, maintenance and legal responsibility for South Point Loop and other roadways established in the South Point Housing Development was also passed.

"As of right now, their plans do not meet our specifications," Mayor Arthur Jones said. "Their plans may still change at which time this board will reconsider."

The board voted to authorize the filing of a civil suit for the collection of sewer use fees and assessments and for cost associated with the expense of court personnel owed by the Morehouse Parish Police Jury.

Venoy Kinnard and Ralph Coleman were appointed as members to the City of Bastrop Fire and Police Civil Service Board.

Bids were taken for the Central Fair Fire Station Driveway. The board voted to accept the lowest bid of $39, 714 from Chad Pody Construction Co., LLC. in Ruston. A $25,000 grant will help to cover some of the cost.

Bastrop Police Department Chief Downey Black recommended a list of businesses up for liquor license renewal for 2014 and two to receive 2013 liquor licenses.

The following is a list of liquor licenses for 2014 that were approved:

Fiesta Linda, Class R

Veterans Private Club, Class B

Happy Stop, Class A

Stop N Shop, Class A

Discount Tobacco Outlet, Class A

Porterhouse Liquor, Class A

Supermart II, Class A

Johnny's Pizza House, Class B

Zeke's Place, Class B

Hester's Jiffy Pak, Class A

The Pantry (Kangaroo), Class A

Porter's Speed Mart, Class A

The following is a list of liquor licenses for 2013 that were approved:

Club City Lights, Class B

Sissy's U Pak It LLC, Class A

The board also voted to renew their five year agreement with Medlife Ambulance Service.