Area Cub and Girl Scouts displayed their community pride Saturday as they participated in the Scouting for Food Drive.

On Nov. 2, the scouts went to area neighborhoods and placed paper bags on front porches. Residents were asked to fill the bags up with nonperishable foods and the bags were then picked up Nov. 9.

"Within the Community Service Projects of our local Pack we have found that by educating the Cubs and then demonstrating not only in front of them but by giving them the opportunity to experience citizenship, compassion and responsibility in action the Cub Scout Program becomes alive to them," Debra Hinson, Committee Chair of Cub Scout Pack 323 said. "This enables us to help shape boys into young men who will in turn become wonderful fathers and leaders not only of our community in which we live but also of our great nation."

The Scouts' goal this year was to gather 1,500 pound of food for the local Crisis Assistance Ministry and that goal was met, with the Scouts collecting over 2,600 pounds of food.

"One of my favorite quotes is 'Give a man a fish and you feed him but one meal but, teach him to fish and you will have fed him a lifetime,'" Hinson continued. "That's what we are helping these young boys of today to do. By providing fun opportunities for learning and in helping others, we partner with their parents in raising mature responsible adults."