PVA Honor Society to collect nonperishables

Continuing their desire to keep the spirit of Prairie View Academy alumni Felicity Kennedy Kemmerly's son Reece alive, the Honor Society of PVA is now holding its Sixth Annual William Reece Kemmerly Food Drive.

The drive began after the tragic death of Reece in 2008 as a way to pay tribute to his spirit and testament. Each year, students collect canned goods which are distributed through the Morehouse Council on Aging in time for Thanksgiving.

"The students look forward to this each year," Hope Bunch, National Honor Society sponsor said. "They are excited to be able to take a role in helping others during the holiday season."

The drive will run through Nov. 20 and then be transported to the MCOA by Jason Crockett, PVA alumni and schoolmate of Felicity. Crockett was the driving force in starting the drive and continues to support it as well as donate a hen to go with the can goods each person in need will receive.

"I have several people who help me financially to purchase the hens," he said. "Those donors remain anonymous to everyone except Felicity." Crockett said the donors, "like myself, do not want credit. This in not what this food drive is about for us.

"This is about a child whose memory continues to ensure that those people in need in our parish have a complete meal for Thanksgiving. It is about the absolute loyalty to a friend and her family."