An arts and crafts and flea market will be held from 8 a.m. Until 4 p.m. Nov. 9 at the Morehouse Activity Center.

The Market at the Mac will be held under the covered pavilion, so rain will not be a factor and booth spaces are still available. Among those who will be in attendance is local author Barbara Sharik, with autographed copies of her books including her latest release My Shrinking Brain: Dancing As Fast As I Can, which is about Alzheimer's Disease; the psychological thriller, Normal, A Novel; the uplifting humorous and family oriented BooCat series, BooCat Unleashed, BooCat: Dancing Naked in the Rain, BooCat: Living In My Lap and BooCat Throws a Frisbee; plus an adult novel, Unquenched Thirst, The Crush that Lasted 50 Years written with Dennis Claiborne.

Sharik pens a weekly humor column for the Bastrop Daily Enterprise (Life in the Last Lane), a monthly humor column for Louisiana Road Trips magazine (Runnin; the Roads), and an occasion political column for

For more information or to reserve booth space, call 281.7123.