Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was once again in Morehouse Parish Friday to announce Capital Outlay funding to the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office and the Morehouse Parish Police Jury.

Jindal began by thanking first responders for the job that they do to protect citizens of the parish.

"Today's investment is about helping our first responders to do the best that they can in serving the public," Jindal said. "We are investing $325,000 to the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office to renovate a building and the surrounding area to be used as a operations center for those who protect us.

"Funding the new emergency operations center will help give law enforcement officials the resources they need to respond in the event of a disaster. Louisianians knows firsthand the importance of responding quickly during a disaster and this new center will help our first responders protect our families."

The facility, known as the old bus barn, will be renovated for training purposes as well as to be used as a storage facility for emergency equipment. A landing zone will also be built for helicopters.

"I appreciate Gov. Jindal as well as our representatives who have made this possible," Mike Tubbs, Morehouse Parish Sheriff said. "He knows that it is important to us, so it is important to him. With this, we will be able to have a state-of-the-art training facility right here in Morehouse Parish. This project will help us dispatch resources faster and it will help us train more deputies. We're grateful for this support from the state and we will use this funding to continue keeping this area safe."

"I told you when I was running for office, I would be in every part of this state, and I have kept that promise," Jindal said. "Since I have been in office, we have invested over 50 million dollars in Morehouse Parish."

Gov. Jindal also announced a $500,000 investment for enhancements and infrastructure to Carl Road, which is where Morehouse BioEnergy will be located.

"We're also supporting funding for enhancements to Carl Road that will make the roadway safer for drivers who travel this route every day. Upgrading arteries like Carl Road help make our roads safer and help companies access this region more easily," Jindal said. "Carl Road is already an important roadway for the forestry industry and these improvements will speed up the commute for the 150 log trucks that travel in this area each day."

The company is creating 47 direct jobs for the area and will support the retention of an estimated 150 forestry jobs in the region. The road project will widen and improve approximately 2,000 feet of roadway to support traffic of 150 log trucks per day.

Fourth District Attorney Jerry Jones summed the meeting up well with his statement.

"Thank you, Bobby Jindal for making us a part of Louisiana," Jones said.