Dutchtown High sent 25 students to audition for All –State Symphonic Band. These students had to complete two rounds of auditions and compete against nine Louisiana districts in order to advance.

Students making the first round were: Mitchell Porche (Bassoon), Julian Stanley (Contra Clarinet, Alt. Bass Clarinet), Amaris Wilson (Flute), Katy Wroten (Alt 2 Flute), Jordan Wild (Alt Tuba) Ryan Hoffman (Alt. Tenor Sax) Alex Tanner (Trumpet), Shelby Lawrence (Clarinet), Monica Flores (Clarinet) and Nathan Bourque (String Bass). Second round was then held and two Dutchtown students advanced and will be attending the LMEA All State Conference.

Those students are Julian Stanley (Contra Clarinet) and Nathan Bourque (String Bass). They will rehearse for two day and perform for the LMEA Conference held in Baton Rouge from Nov. 21-25 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.