About DeMarcus Matthews

Nickname: 'Bookey.'

Hobbies: Chillin' around the house; I don't really do much.

Favorite sports memory: Sacking the quarterback and causing a fumble against Mangham when we really needed a turnover with about 30 seconds on the clock. Calvin Clay picked it up and we got so excited we were penalized for celebrating.

Most embarrassing sports memory: When I got hit real hard on a play against Benton and got knocked about five yards off the ball. I was crouching down on the field and coach Pat (Washington) said I looked like somebody shot me with a tranquilizer gun.

If I could put my position coach (David Janssen) through one drill, it would be: Seat rolls.

Favorite athlete: Drew Brees.

Favorite team: I love the Saints.

Sporting event I would most like to attend: A Saints' game or an LSU game.

Favorite class: English with coach (Mark) Sims.

Favorite musical artist: Webbie.

Favorite movie: 'Set it Off.”

Favorite food: Spaghetti.

Pet peeve: When people stand behind me.

Dream vacation destination: Panama.

If I could buy any vehicle I wanted, it would be: A Camaro SS.

One possession I couldn't live without: My PS3.

Career ambition: To join the Army Reserves and work off shore.