The Parish Community and the Pastoral Council of St. Joseph Catholic Church will hold the 10th annual Blue Mass to honor and pray for local law enforcement officers, fire fighters and emergency technicians.

Blue Mass is a service held annually at St. Patrick Church in Washington, D.C. to honor first responders, firemen and policemen. In 2003, Police Chief Downey Black and St. Joseph Church member Elaine Johnston – whose husband, Doug, an investigator with the Louisiana State Police, was killed in the line of duty – were challenged by a church leader to organize the event.

Initially, the service was simply a mass but, the following year, the church began serving a meal afterwards.

"Anytime you have prayer it's going to be a positive thing," Black said. "We will be praying for each other and first responders whose life and careers are protecting the public."

The mass will be held on Oct. 2, which is The Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels, at 12 noon at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 217 Harrington Ave. Luncheon will be immediately following the service. For more information about the service or to assist with the meal following the mass, contact the church by calling 281.4327.