Eating a hot meal is not the only reason seniors come to the Morehouse Council on Aging's Nutrition Center, it's just an added bonus.

Each week day, the dining hall of MCOA is filled with senior citizens who come to visit with friends, play bingo, dominoes and card games or listen to live music.

I have been coming everyday since 2005, unless I am sick or at the doctor," Ethel Williamson, 84, said. "I come to visit and talk to my friends."

Williamson and her friends Emma Jane Brown, Katie Burrell and Betty Jean Terrell wear specific colors for each day of the week, wearing yellow or orange on Monday, green on Tuesday, black on Wednesday, gray on Thursday and red on Friday.

But, Williamson is not alone in her daily attendance, most of those who come are very regular, such as Beulah Davis, a spry 92 year old who has been coming daily since 1990. Davis also takes advantage of the Senior Center, where work-out equipment is available to everyone aged 18 and above.

"The fitness center is one of the things that we have to charge for," said Reggie DeFreese, MCOA Director. "We have tried to keep the cost at a minimum so more seniors can afford to come."

Davis said she uses the facility three times a week and walks everyday.

"When I come for lunch, I walk around the room five times," Davis said.

The self proclaimed "oldest thing here," Davis usually sits and plays dominoes with friends before the daily meal.