An online petition by students at Leesville High School had reached 250 signatures as of Tuesday, Sept. 17. The students are protesting what they feel is over regulation of school uniform policies. They are petitioning Leesville High administration and the Vernon Parish School Board at The petition states high school and student organizations are losing money on sales of Leesville High School logo clothing merchandise. The students say families are required to spend money on specific colors of jackets, and other clothing items. Students claim this is not required by the school board, and over regulation of clothing such as the color of hair accessories, socks, belts, or shoes, does nothing to enhance student safety or learning ability. Comments on the site comes from supporters in Leesville, Anacoco, Fort Polk, Simpson, and Hornbeck. Some parents said the stringent specifications on clothing has become ridiculous and expensive. Many comments say the school should concentrate on education more than dress code, and complain the students cannot even wear hoodies that display the name of their own school, or Spirit shirts. The petition is ongoing.