Local woman overcomes debilitating stroke

Due to hard work and sheer determination, a Bastrop woman will once again be able to live a productive life after suffering a debilitating stroke.

On April 28, Teretha Pierson, 56, suffered a stroke while attending church. The stroke, which effected her left side, made her unable to do the easiest of tasks. She was taken to a nearby hospital, where she stayed for over a month. Pierson was then placed at Cherry Ridge Skilled Nursing and Rehab where she began a rehabilitation program through Therapy Solutions of Louisiana, which is located on-site.

"When I got here, I could not even sit up by myself," Pierson said. "I was totally dependent on someone else to help me do everything."

Pierson's therapy began at three times a week and physical therapists Janella Davis, Will Freeland and Donna Liegel as well as speech therapist Holly Bryant, occupational therapy assistant Lindsey Diel and physical therapy assistant Angel Coates initiated the long road of recovery by teaching her how to sit up on her own, adding additional tasks to strengthen her left side and helping her relearn basic skills.

Pierson proved her inner strength by relearning how to stand and then walk with the assistance of a walker and as she continues to make strides, she has her eye on the front door of the facility.

"I am so thankful for the productive help I have received while at Cherry Ridge," Pierson said. "And, I will be going home before long because of the assistance and care I received while here."