Deputies with the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant at a Beekman residence Monday night which resulted in the arrest of two Morehouse Parish men and the seizure of an active meth lab.

A search of a shed on the property of William Edward Lynn, 16179 Crossett Rd., revealed the active lab as well as components used to manufacture meth and suspected meth. Lynn and John Lucero, 221 W. Carter, Apt. L, were taken into custody on charges of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, creation of a clandestine lab and possession of schedule II narcotic (methamphetamine). They were transported to the Parish jail and appeared before a judge Tuesday morning to have their bond set.

Also Monday night, the North Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau received information that Coya Madison, 607 Shockey Lane, was in possession of a large amount of narcotics.

He was spotted on E. Madison Avenue and a traffic stop initiated. As Madison exited the vehicle, he threw something underneath a near-by building. He was taken into custody and the items were retrieved. Found were suspected marijuana, meth and crack cocaine as well as hydrocodone.

Madison was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule I narcotic (marijuana), two counts of possession of schedule II narcotic (methamphetamine, crack cocaine) with intent to distribute and possession of schedule III narcotic (hydrocodone). He, too was transported to the Parish jail and received a bond Tuesday morning.