The Bastrop Board of Alderpersons approved a resolution to submit for funding for the Aviation Priority Program at its regular monthly meeting Thursday, Sept. 12. If the requested funds are allocated, the program would include a series of airport projects planned to improve the Bastrop airport over the next five years.

Algean Caldwell appeared before the council to suggest they consider extending the hours for night clubs inside the city limits.

"It's causing night club owners within city limits to lose money because they must close at midnight as opposed to counterparts outside the city limits who can close at 2 a.m.," Caldwell said.

Caldwell made the argument that this might encourage new businesses to open, but any business opening would have to adhere to strict health-code and licensing requirements and only a few would actually be allowed to open. He added that bigger businesses will be looking at the town's social/night life.

The council decided to first discuss specifications for security concerning the matter as well as the additional hours going into a written document to be introduced at the next meeting and then voted on at the meeting following its introduction.

The council voted on two ordinances concerning levying fees on providers of cable services and video services within the city holding state-issued certificates of franchise authority. The first is for those that are required to furnish public, educational and governmental access streams or channels fees to support access payable to the city. The council voted on a fee of .5 percent of revenue. The second ordinance deals with franchise fees to the city. The council voted on a fee of 3 percent.

Bids for hay cutting at the Industrial Park were tabled until the next meeting due to lack of clarity on a bid.

Bids for surplus property located at 327 Scott were voted on. The council agreed on Benjamin Dunham's bid of $1,650.

Thomas Crowder thanked the city council and repairmen for the work done to help fix the fire station's driveway. The council voted for permission to advertise for bids for the Central Fire Station driveway.

"This was funded with a grant from the state at no expense to the city," Mayor Arthur Jones said.

The council voted to add another item to the agenda which concerned hiring a company to help collect delinquent property tax. The council also voted to sign a one year contract with the company.