Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office Major Ward Webb reported that on Aug. 29 deputies were dispatched to 15009 Beau Jon Ave. Prairieville, for a disturbance involving a gun. Upon deputies' arrival, a woman yelled out to deputies that the disturbance was taking place in a bedroom. Deputies entered the bedroom and found an older black male and a younger black male fighting on the floor. Deputies attempted to place the younger male, later identified as Carlos Jackson, in handcuffs, but he began fighting with deputies. Deputies observed a rifle lying next to Carlos when they placed him in handcuffs and began questioning him.

It was learned through the investigation that Carlos and the victim were having disagreements, which led to a fight between the two over the gun. During the confrontation, Carlos repeatedly yelled out that he was going to kill the victim and his wife. The victim advised deputies that he heard at least three shots fired inside the house while he was fighting with Carlos over the gun.

Carlos Jackson, 30, of 39071 Cornerview Road, Gonzales, was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, home invasion, battery of a police officer, criminal trespass, simple criminal damage to property, and resisting an officer with force or violence.