Morehouse Parish Police Jury President Terry Matthews implemented a parish-wide temporary burn ban Friday morning.

In accordance with with Ordinance 1308, Matthews has the authority to place a ban on the burning of trash, garbage, leaves, limbs and branches, debris of any kind or the sale of or shooting of fireworks when dry weather conditions are present and the Fire Danger Rating set by the La. Department of Agriculture and Forestry is high.

Fire danger is the probability of a fire to start, the rate of spread and intensity of its burn and the rating levels are:

Low - 
Fires do not readily start.
 Fires that do start spread slowly with low resistance to control.

Moderate - 
Fires can start from most accidental causes, but the number of starts is generally low.
Fires burn at moderate intensities, heavy fuel concentrations will burn hot.

High - 
Fires start easily from most causes.
Control of fires can become difficult if initial attack not initiated promptly, especially in heavy fuels.
Most fires controlled within first burning period.

Very High - 
Fires start readily and spread quickly.
Resistance to control is high, as is the potential for large fires.
Fire behavior is often erratic, "blow up" potential is high.

Extreme - 
Severe fire conditions, potential for fire disaster is high.
Direct attack of fires is virtually impossible, fires often escape initial attack.
Fire behavior is erratic, "blow ups" may be expected.
Resistance to control is high, fires not usually controlled until burning subsides.