A quilt depicting characters from Gone with the Wind will be on display at the Quilt Show.

The quilt was made by Louisiana native Barbara Wheeler who grew up surrounded by seamstresses. Both her grandmother and mother were accomplished seamstresses.

"Grandmother sewed for both of her daughters," Wheeler said. "She was also a good quilter, but her quilts were purely practical. They were blankets the family needed for warmth during the cold winters."

Wheeler's mother, though, was more creative with her sewing.

"Mother would sew for others and for us," Wheeler said. "She made beautiful wedding dresses for many ladies, and also made our clothes. It was fun to go to a movie and see something beautiful, and know that Mother could make it."

Wheeler sold her first garment when she was seven years old.

"I made a simple shift dress for a lady," Wheeler said. "She paid me $3!"

As a child, Wheeler had fallen in love with the film "Gone with the Wind" and much later in life, she decided to take on the complex task of making a quilt inspired by the movie. Her quilt making was put on hold after she had finished several blocks because her husband became ill and was afterwards confined to a wheelchair. Seven years ago, Wheeler decided to return to the project.

Wheeler finished sewing the blocks together and hired "Busy Bee Quilters" of Bastrop to do the finish work on it.

On June 29, 2013, the quilt went on display at the Zigler Museum of Art in Jennings. Wheeler is currently working on a quilt featuring antique cars and the museum has also asked to exhibit it when it is finished.

Wheeler's quilt will be on display at the Big Quilt Show at the Cotton Festival which opens Sept. 11.