Words from the Tao Te Ching

The following is a passage from Stephen Mitchell's version taken from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. One does not have to agree.  It is only posted to make one think.  Aristotle said it is the philosophers job to make one think and not give answers.  Well, I for certain am no philosopher, but it is always good to think outside of our comfort zone at times.  

Success is as dangerous as failure.

Hope is as hollow as fear.

What does it mean that success is as dangerous as failure?

Whether you go up the ladder or down it,

your position is shaky.

When you stand with both feet on the ground, 

you will always keep your balance.--Lao Tzu

How often do we lose our balance in a world filled with questions about our future, safety and security.  Some things we can control and some things we cannot.  Centering ourselves in our own personal belief systems often keep us on course.  The term Mindefulness is used today meaning that we are aware of each moment of our existance. When we try to change things that are out of our control, our position becomes shaky.  

Thought for the weeek:  What keeps you centered in an unstable world?

Happy Week,