Seven Innings with Kristin Boseman

In a season in which the Prairie View Lady Spartans have battled a wave of injuries and inconsistency, senior second baseman Kristin Boseman has been a model of stability.

Boseman has been especially effective at the plate throughout the season. Once on base, she puts pressure on the defense.

“Kristin has the highest batting average on the team,” said Prairie View coach Amy Luzader-Diaz. “She's the fastest kid on the team. When she gets on first base, you can bet there's a good chance she's going to steal second and third.”

Boseman has gained her coach's trust on the basepaths.

“She's a smart base runner,” Diaz said. “I tell her, 'Just run the bases the way you know how.'”

Boseman is the type of player you may not notice during the course of a game. But check the box score at the end of the day and she typically has a couple of hits, a couple of RBI and two or three runs scored.

“Being around her every every day, you realize how much she means to the team,” Diaz said. “Kristin's well-rounded. She could play just about any position. Having someone with good, solid fundamentals like Kristen is so important to a ball team.”

Diaz says Boseman's contributions to the Lady Spartans extend beyond the box score.

“Kristin's a good ballplayer and she's also a great kid,” Diaz said. “She brings a positive spirit to the team. She's a joy to coach because she's upbeat all the time. I really like having her and her twin sister (Krista) around.”

Prairie View returns to action Thursday, hosting Riverfield in a key MAIS District 3-2A matchup.

Top 1st: When did you start playing softball?

Kristin Boseman: I played T-Ball for Sheriff's Dept. Chad Harper was our coach.

Bottom 1st: What are some of your memories from your first season?

Boseman: Jeri Harper used to shake her butt when she got up to bat.

My sister and I used to switch jerseys and play different positions.

Top 2nd: What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of softball?

Boseman: I don't want to sound mean, but my least favorite is the speeches before every practice.

My favorite part is the games.

Bottom 2nd: Who is the toughest pitcher you have ever faced?

Boseman: Jeri Harper in practice. She's fast.

Top 3rd: What is the biggest improvement you have made since your freshman year?

Boseman: Definitely my batting. My batting average has gone up a lot.

Bottom 3rd: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Boseman: My strength is probably running the bases.

My weakness is inside pitches. I can't hit inside pitches.

Top 4th: What has gone wrong for the Lady Spartans this season?

Boseman: Our attitudes — the way we talk to each other on the field. If we make one mistake, we fall apart. We always have one bad inning.

Bottom 4th: Is the team starting to play better?

Boseman: I think we are. We started keeping our mouths shut and finished second in the River Oaks tournament. We can be a pretty good team, it's our attitude that gets in the way sometimes.

Top 5th: What do you like about cheerleading?

Boseman: Tumbling — I love to tumble. I was always in gymnastics, so cheerleading was the next thing.

Bottom 5th: Outside of softball, what do you hope to accomplish during your senior year?

Boseman: I want to get my ACT score up and become closer to some of my classmates.

Top 6th: What do you like best about attending PVA?

Boseman: It's a small school, so we all know each other.

Bottom 6th: Do you have a favorite fishing story?

Boseman: One time Layne (Gray) hooked a really big fish and it got away right as he got it to the boat.

Another time, Layne bit my line off because he got mad at me and I had to reline my rod and reel.

Top 7th: What are your future plans?

Boseman: I'll probably start at Delta and transfer to ULM. I plan to go into nursing.

Bottom 7th: Why nursing?

Boseman: I like to help people and nursing is a good way to help people. It just looks like something I would like to do.