Reasons why martial arts benefits body, mind and spirit.

Well, with school back in session, both kids and parents are readjusting to new schedules.  Life is busy!  That's a given, but life can be stressful and because of the increased stress, we often cut corners and forget that we all need to de-stress in order to stay healthy.  Dinner is often the drive thru, food in a box, in the back of a minivan on the way to multiple after school activities.  Whew!  No wonder we are maxed out.  There is another way for families to spend quality time together, learn to live healthy lives and enjoy life a bit more.  Nothing against school sports and activities.  By all means, support your school! However, not every student engages in school sports for one reason or another.  For that person, martial arts just might fit the bill and help families bond closer.  Here are a few reasons why one should consider this:

1. Diverse exercise keeps folks healthy.  It develops strength, flexability, balance, coordination, and basically keeps one in shape.

2. Martial arts training develops confidence, awareness, and life defense skills. Not only for themselves, but for those less able to defend themselves should the occasion happen.

3. Martial arts teaches an appreciation for other cultures and traditions.

4. Spiritual development is gained from martial arts training.  This is NOT religion.  It is a balance of body, mind and spirit with in one's own religious preference.

5. Martial arts is an intellectual challenge.  It is NOT just a block, punch or kick.  It is learning a system that involves the study of body mechanics, anatomy and challenges the mind to learn new was of memorization.

6. Martial arts are a social involvement. Yes, it is true that the martial arts is about the perfection of oneself and character, but it also involves us with others as friends, students, mentors and partners in learning.  It often becomes a positive social network.

7. Some students may even find a career as an instructor in the martial arts.  True, most school owners have a "day job", but the martial arts are fertile ground for one to become a true leader in their community.  

8. Some Martial Arts are even involved in alternative healing.  These are becoming more accepted by the medical community as research continues to qualify this practice with in reason.

9. While on this subject, it is documented that martial arts does aid in the treatment of ADHD, loss of self worth secondary to trauma ie. violent attack, rape, bullies etc.

10. Martial arts creats with in the student a sixth sense to become more aware of his/her environment and to know the dynamic of a situation before it becomes out of hand.

With all these benefits, Martial Arts is a great alternative to school sports for those children who, for whatever reason, decides to take another path.  Most Martial Arts schools allow free introductory classes to see if the art is a good fit.  Parents, look for quality schools. Talk to friends, visit several schools before making a decision, and check the instructor's qualifications, watch out for the high priced contracts or hidden costs.  You as a parent or even a student have the right to ask questions.  Qualified instructor's will have no problem being up front with you about themselves, cost, or system taught.  Remember, if one martial art system does not fit, maybe another will.  A good instructor will have no problem giving you a referral to the appropriate school.  As with anything, it is your right to make an informed decision.

Happy Training,

Master Ken