This week's cheerleaders of the week is Aleus DeBlieux, a junior at Prairie View Academy. Why did you become a cheerleader? I have wanted to be a cheerleader since I was a little girl. It was my dream and it shows school spirit. How long have you been a cheerleader? four years What's your favorite subject in school? Why? Math. I just enjoy doing math and it's easy for me. What's your favorite food? Favorite color? My favorite color is orange and my favorite food is chicken. Do you plan on going to college? Where? Major? Why that major? I want to go to school at North Carolina State University and become a Veterinarian because I love being involved with animals. Do you do any community service or volunteer work that benefits your community? What is it? Why do you do it? I participated in Turn 3 for a Cure, which is a barrel run benefit for cancer, and the Relay for Life. If you could give a girl, a few years younger than yourself, advice on dealing with high school easier, what would it be? Don't stress yourself! Make sure school work comes before anything else. Also, be involved with your school. It creates a way to meet more people and feel confortable.