Alleged weekend shooter apprehended Tuesday by BPD

A Bastrop man faces life in prison without the benefit of parole after allegedly shooting two people over the weekend. Bastrop Police Chief Downey Black said officers responded to a call at Morehouse General Hospital around 3 a.m. Sunday morning regarding a gunshot wound victim in the emergency room. When the officers arrived, they spoke with two victims, a male who had been shot in the stomach and a female, whose leg had been grazed by a bullet. Investigation into the incident revealed the couple had been shot at a residence on Martin Luther King South. The man and woman had pulled into the driveway and then exited the vehicle. A male suspect then opened fire, shooting at least three times. The victims rushed inside the residence and noticed where they had been shot. They were transported by car to MGH and the male was later transferred to a hospital in Monroe because of the seriousness of his injury. Identified as the shooter was Anthony Smith, 20, 1301 Van Ave. Officers were able to apprehend him Tuesday and place him under arrest on charges of two counts of attempted second degree homicide. Smith was taken to the Morehouse Parish jail and will go before a judge for a bail hearing. Working the case were Officers Eric McCaughan and Brian Jones and Investigator Marvin Holmes.