The Morehouse Parish Police Jury voted to allow the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Investigator's Office to be re-floored this week during its regular meeting. 5 Juror Jason Crockett placed the flooring on the agenda due to the condition of the present flooring. Bids were received from two local companies, with Cost Plus winning the bid at the cost of $2,944. Also talked about was the condition of the Police Jury building and approval was granted for Jury Secretary Shasidee Phillips to begin to gather estimates on the cost of fixing the floor in several places in the old building. "In some places the floors up here are very weak and spongy," said Phillips. "We need to see if it is even feasible to get them fixed." District 3 Juror Mark Sistrunk brought a recommendation from the Solid Waste Committee to hire Virginia Robinson as secretary for the Solid Waste Disposal Dept. Robinson will work from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Monday through Friday at a rate of $8 scheduling the use and pick-up of jury owned dumpsters. This motion passed and Robinson began work on Aug. 15. Kay King, President/CEO of Morehouse Economic Development Cooperation spoke to jurors regarding Capital Outlay funds granted for Carl Road improvements. "We have been granted monies to go towards repairs for the entrance of Carl Road, which is where the Drax Biomass facility will be located," King said. "We will need to put together a cooperative endeavor with them regarding the responsibility of the road once they are up and running." Lastly, the jury granted permission for Matthews to speak with the owner of Lucky's Video Bingo regarding past due payments and the continuation of services.