The Bastrop High School cheerleaders attended cheer camp this summer at Northwestern University.

Under the direction, guidance and coaching of the National Cheerleader Association staff, cheer coach Sandra Sistrunk, team captain Raven Garrison and co-captain Nigena Brooks, the cheer team members learned new chants and new cheers, attended safety class, jump class, stunt class, pyramid workshops and basket building workshops. The squad earned the coveted spirit stick every night and competed in Champion Chant, Game Time Top Team and Performance Top Team. Each day began at 6 a.m. and did not end until 11 p.m. "I am very proud of this group of girls," Sistrunk said. "They worked hard pushing through sore muscles, aching bones, frustrations and exhaustion. Before camp was over we had applied several tubes of icy hot, used lots of ice packs, wrapped several knees and wrists and walked on crutches, but the girls persevered and did a great job." Members of the squad, along with Garrison and Brooks, Zoey Behnke, Caroline Bostick, Megan Crymes, Akasha Daniels, Destini Davis, Alaysia Dunn, Alexzai Evans, Erial Freeze, Jessica Gray, Brittany Little, Madison Magee, Jamecia Montgomery, Arkameya Paige, Laura Patrick, Carliya Trotter and Deshanquenek Wheeler.