Football season is fast approaching for MAIS member schools. Prairie View will play in the Riverfield Jamboree on Friday, Aug. 16, before hosting Riverdale in the season opener on Aug. 23.

The Spartans' three seniors — quarterback Dylan Carroll, wide receiver/punter/defensive back Matt Reed and wide receiver/defensive back Chyenne Mayo — discussed the upcoming campaign following the team's annual Picture Day on Monday morning.

BDE: How did you spend your summer?

Dylan Carroll: Coming up here and working out and doing rehab on my knee. The doctor released my on Aug. 1.

Matt Reed: I worked at Golden's with my dad (Todd Reed) and came up here and worked out.

Chyenne Mayo: We didn't have a summer league team, so this was the first summer I hadn't played baseball since I was 7. I got a job umpiring in the city league. It was fun just being around baseball because that's my sport.

BDE: What are the Spartans' keys to success this season?

Carroll: Everybody has to stay healthy since we don't have the numbers and everybody has to give 100 percent.

Reed: We have to play as a team and be focused going into every game. We're low on numbers, so we have to stay injury-free.

Mayo: We have to stay positive. Last year, we started getting down on ourselves later in the year.

We have to control our tempers. We can't have all the useless penalties like we did last year.

BDE: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of preseason practice?

Carroll: I'm just glad to be playing again. I like working out over the summer, but the actual practice is my favorite part.

I don't really have a least favorite part. I just love anything to do with football. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I couldn't play.

Reed: My least favorite is definitely the conditioning, but it's something we have to do, especially with our numbers.

My favorite part is doing team offense and running routes.

Mayo: I love the practices, but I hate the heat.

BDE: What is the biggest improvement you have made since last year?

Carroll: I've put on a lot of muscle. I feel like my arm has gotten stronger and I'm more accurate.

Reed: My punting has come a long way. I've been practicing over the summer. I've been working on my catching, too.

Mayo: My hands have gotten a lot better.

BDE: What game are you most looking forward to?

Carroll: I'd say Riverdale since it will be my first game back. I'm just ready to get back on the field.

Reed: Riverfield because they're our big rival and they beat us pretty bad last year.

Mayo: All of them. It's not just one game that I'm looking forward. Every game we play will be my last game against that opponent, which is kind of sad.

BDE: Outside of football, what is something you hope to accomplish during your senior year?

Carroll: I want to stay healthy and be able to play all three sports.

Reed: I'm going to try to make All-District in every sport and get all my grades up to As and Bs.

Mayo: I want to make All-District in baseball again and go back to the playoffs in baseball.