Back to school safety and sports

It's that time of the year again.  Back to school.  Almost seems like Summer vacation just started, but time goes by fast.  At this time of the year drivers need to be aware of School Zones and kids all about.  It's time for us to be more aware of our surroundings and the things going on around us.  Not only do we have to be careful of kids all about, we should be more attentive to what and who might be hanging around schools too.  Criminals like to talk advantage of this opportunity.  If you see someone who appears "shady" hanging around the school--report it to the authorities.  Better safe than sorry.

Back to school also brings in the school sports season.  High School football, track, baseball, basketball, cheerleading and so on.  One "sport" sometimes forgotten are the martial arts.  The martial arts provide another venue of sports and fun for students and families alike.  There are some children who cannot play schoool sports due to allergies to grass or other illnesses.  Martial arts provide another outlet of fun.

Research has been conducted and now shows that quality martial arts education and involvement has less injuries than most school sports.  Another good thing about the martial arts is that the entire family can take part.  This not only helps the child with his or her self-esteem, but provides an outlet in which the entire family can take part, thus building a closer bond between parents and children.

Here in Ascension Parish we have many martial arts programs.  Finding the right "fit" is important.  People study the martial art for many reasons.  Sometimes just for fun, family activity, sport, self defense and socialization.  Talk to friends and visit different schools.  This will help you make an informed decision as to what style or system of martial arts is right for you and your child and what goals you want to set.  

Have a great school year,

Master Ken