Warriors are more than fighters, they are leaders in their communities.

Character Traits of a True Warrior.

It has been my honor and pleasure to know Dr. Bhodi Sanders, a best known and best selling author and a multiple inductee in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

I spoke to Dr. Sanders this weekend and asked him for his permission to post excerpts of his article in this month’s Taekwondo Times because I believe that this says it all.

Taken from Dr. Sanders post:  The great Sioux chief, Sitting Bull once stated that, “Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights.”   At first, this statement seems strange and contrary to what most people think, when they hear the term “warrior.” Basically the warrior’s lifestyle involves living a life of integrity, honor, defending those who cannot defend themselves, taking care of family; in short it involves services to others along with perfecting one’s own character.

The founder of Shotokan Karate, Gichin Funakoshi stated that the ultimate goal of karate is the perfection of human character, not the perfection of one’s martial skills.  Being a true warrior involves balance.  The warrior strives for excellence in every part of his life, not only developing his martial skills, but also his everyday life.  The warrior has to endeavor to perfect himself spiritually and mentally, as well as physically.  Without character training, so-called “warriors” are nothing more than thugs, trained to fight. To educate someone in the martial arts without regard to their character, is simply training a menace to society.  The ancient martial arts masters knew this and refused to train those who they felt lacked the character and integrity needed to be given these dangerous skills.

The Warrior’s Code is ingrained in his spirit and is a part of his being.  These are the things which make someone a true warrior and thus leads to the true warrior lifestyle.

Once again, thanks to Dr. Sanders for his permission to use his material in our journey into the philosophical aspects of the martial arts.

Happy Training!

Master Ken