The quick action of Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs may have prevented a tragedy Friday afternoon.

Tubbs was driving down Leavell Ave. Friday and noticed a black male with a gun walking down the street. As he came up beside the male, who was a juvenile, Tubbs tried to talk to him, but the juvenile dropped the weapon and began running. Tubbs immediately called for back-up and officers from both the Bastrop Police Department and the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's office responded. As they were looking for the suspect, the police department began getting calls for area residents regarding other black male juveniles running through their yards and knocking on their doors. The juveniles were dropping weapons as they ran and officers were able to apprehend two of them. The youth were transported to the police department, where they admitted to breaking into a residence and stealing numerous weapons. Through investigation, the identity of the third juvenile was learned. He was also brought to the department and all three were charged with aggravated burglary and conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary. Two of the juveniles were also charged with resisting arrest. The trio were transported to Green Oaks Youth Detention facility. All but one of the stolen weapons have been recovered. "Everyone working together is the main reason this case was solved so quickly," said Bastrop Police Chief Downey Black. "With the community helping officers with locations of the juveniles and the Police Department working with the Sheriff's Office, we were able to not only apprehend these youth, but also recover the stolen weapons before anyone was hurt."