Oak Woods of Mer Rouge Rehab and Wellness is now offering mental health services to not only their patients but also those in the community.

The Outpatient Behavior Health Clinic, directed by Licensed Clinical Social Worker Ashley Daniels, offers assistance to those with emotional needs related to life transitions in aging adults. The clinic offers group, individual and family therapy to anyone in need and focuses on making clients enhance their strengths in order to resolve whatever obstacles they may be facing. "We want to help our patients obtain self-fulfillment and personal growth as well as overall emotional and mental well being," Daniels said. "We are here to provide the tools needed to overcome the difficulties of life transitions and increase overall day-to-day functions of those in need." Daniels stressed that the program is not just for the elderly and anyone with a need may make an appointment at the clinic, which is located inside Oak Woods. The clinic has been open since March and Doctor Calvin Walker is in attendance weekly for medication management. For more information regarding the program or to make an appointment, contact Daniels at 647.3691.