I recently saw an ad while watching the golf channel that focused on something really important. The ad’s message was simple, “FIND YOUR PERFECT SWING!” It was narrated by Arnold Palmer and shows various children and adults swinging a club. 

As a golfer I find myself trying to emulate swing characteristics that I see my favorite golfers use. The problem with this type of approach is simple; each of these golfers has a swing pattern that is unique to them. Therefore I could never repeat exactly what I admire in their individual swings.  

I see this approach in the gym all too often. In your daily life you will come across someone with great looking arms or beautiful legs that you want. Keep in mind that their genetics give them a slight advantage in certain physical areas. Each of us has a physical gift that someone else admires, really! 

As the ad ends, Palmer closes by saying “each of our swings is capable of greatness, perfect in its imperfection!” Your body is incredible and perfect. 

Are you going to be great is the question?

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Carey Long