The Morehouse Parish Local Emergency Planning Committee Luncheon was held July 18.

The purpose of the committee is to serve the needs of the parish or jurisdiction through hazard plans. The committee serves as a focal point for information related to hazardous substance emergency planning and risks. Additionally, the committee is expected to provide its citizens with accurate information pertaining to chemical hazards, risk management actions and the extent of health and environment effects of toxic chemical releases. The committee consists of local members who are familiar with factors that affect public safety, the environment and the economy of the community. Members of the committee represent a large number of government and private organizations, industries and occupations that provide the expertise needed to develop a total package of planning and outreach capabilities. The committee is made up of James Mardis, Mike Tubbs, Eric Montgomery, Terry Matthews, Stephen Pitts, Susan Coston, Margaret Stokes, Keith Robertson, Gene Montgomery, Arthur Jones, Katrina Jackson, Ted Parker, David Murrell, Brad Smith, Dee Tubbs, Carroll Babb, Steve Bishop, Rick Greer, Brian Kennedy, Benny Guerrero, Steven Paddy, Downey Black, Brian Shoemaker, Joe Stewart and Amber Rawls. About half of the members were able to attend with some members being represented by stand-ins. A representative of Drax Biomass spoke about the new pellet facility about concerns of fire hazards. “The facility has a low hazard rating,” Kevin Holland said. “Our products will be flammable which which creates a minimal risk factor, but it will be awhile before the facility is up and running.”