Words from a traditional martial arts master about the changing of the martial arts in today's society.

Martial Arts!  What comes to mind?  For us older folks, traditional setting in a traditional dojo/ dojang with respect, honor and integrity.  For the young folks generation, "the cage" with a lot of media attention, no traditional setting or uniforms and a personal "me against them" attitude.  I teach traditional arts with traditional values.  That is my choice.  For those who teach non traditional arts, all the best.  It just gives to the students more options to choose what they feel is right for them.  When choosing a martial art, be it for sport or defense, it must be a good fit for the individual.  

The following quote is from the book Living the Martial Way by Forrest Morgan, Maj, USAF, and a black belt instructor in both Taekwondo and Jujutsu.  In the Forward of his book it is wrtiien by Dennis G. Palumbo, Kaiden Shihan 8th Dan of the Hakko Ryu.  It reads as follows:

The Asian martial arts are grounded in a rich heritage of blood and honor, and they have a great deal to offer serious students in today's dangerious world.  Unfortunately, in most modern schools that heritage has been lost.  It seems that the modern world and the marketing that drives it revolves around sport competition.  As a result, students in today's schools are only getting the surface features of a deeply rooted tradition, and even older styles of traditional martial arts are gradually losing their historical perspective.  Sadly, with each new generation more is lost. This is a bitter pill to swallow for traditionalists such as my teachers and me, who have devoted our lives to perserving those legacies.

Something to think about.

Happy Training,

Master Ken